Marcus Garvey Philosophy (God and Nature first made us what we are - Part 1)

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Marcus Garvey Philosophy: God and Nature first made us what we are, and then out of our own created genius we make ourselves what we want to be. Follow always that great law. Let the sky and God be our limit and Eternity our measurement.
Marcus Garvey

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I generally pride myself of the fact that I am who I am and belong to the race that I belong to. I definitely contend that it was no mistake or chance that the Creator saw it fit for me to be born into the race that I am part of. Some, when looking at the condition of Afrikan people, globally, find no reason for such pride. Even when looking at the manner in which, his-story, has been written, interpreted and taught, there is little that can make our people take pride in who they are.

Self knowledge, as a result of a knowledge of Our Story, is what makes me take pride in what God and nature did when they made me the Afrikan person that I am. Amongst the blessings that I cherish are the following:

1 That I am part of a line of people who brought civilization and education to the world.

2 That my Ancestors tamed the elements and made an otherwise hostile environment fit for human habitation and learnt how to co-exist with the elements and nature in general.

3 That I have melanin. Those who might not be aware of the various attributes of melanin here is a summary:

“Melanin is a very high conductor of electricity which is necessary for the transportation of messages throughout our body. The purest form of Melanin is eumelanin and is at the highest level in Black people as oppose to pheomelanin (pseudomelanin) that is mostly found in none Black people, especially Caucasians. Pheomelanin is a lower grade of Melanin that has very little affinity with our sun. With Melanin, we can convert sunlight into food or useful energy; it is what enables us to properly digest the photons of our sun. Melanin is sunlight in liquid form (internal sun) that secretes Melatonin during the nighttime hours which takes on the responsibilities of our external sun. Melatonin gets activated when our external sun sets and deactivates in the morning during sunrise. A healthy Melaninated person can laterally get charged and energized just by direct exposure to our sun. Melanin is essentially Black because it captures all frequencies that hit its surface. Black people are generally more sensitive, emotional and colorful people because of Melanin. Black people’s Melanin consistently captures all informational frequencies in their surrounding; whether it is from electromagnetic waves, sounds, colors, lights, or energy released from someone else. Our Melanin captures and reacts to all frequencies; it also reacts to the conditions of our planet and the weather. Melanin can convert sound frequencies into useful energy; listening to curtain types of music, those that are played with natural instruments are very healthy for our Melanin. In most schools today we learn about the central brain, located inside our skull, which is our second and internal brain. Melanin is our first and superficial brain that consistently gathers information from our surroundings to report it our second brain. With Melanin, we can also execute a given task without reporting to our central internal brain. Melanin can also go undergo multiple chemical reactions at once; scientifically known as oxidation-eduction reactions.”

The above speaks to what God and nature has done, the next question really is what have I done about the blessings that I have been imbued with. It is not enough to know that God and nature have blessed one, it is most imperative to be the best that one has been created to be.

To be the best that you were created to be you have a choice in the matter, out of our own created genius we can be what we want to be or indeed out of our own created genius we can be what others want us to be or be nothing for that matter.

The greater challenge for me, from what Garvey was teaching us here, is that over and above the knowledge of what God and nature made us to be is the ability, through again the same genius given to us, to be what we want to be. This is true whether you look at it through the eyes of an individual or through the eyes of the collective.

As a people we have been placed in a position of privilege, in many ways including the resources that our continent has. There is hardly any resource that comes from the ground which you will not find in Afrika, that is God and nature’s part for us. What then is our part in the full utilization of what we have been blessed with, through the use, abuse or failure of use of our genius?

Is it not strange that despite the blessings and the natural advantages the Afrika and Afrikan people have and the head start that we have forever enjoyed since the beginning of time, we are now the wretched of the earth. Our Story, is, in many ways, that of riches to rags, it is high time we reversed this.

Garvey tells us a very positive truth of what God and nature have made us to be, he also tells us about the importance of a positive mind using its own genius to create its own realities. Effectively, through the use of what God blessed us with, our genius that is, we are co-creators of our reality, with God. Genius here is not referring to academic achievements but simply being able to use our intellect to shape our lives and our future and being able to apply our life’s lessons to our daily realities.

Further to the truths referred to, Garvey calls this a great law to be followed by each and every one of us, within our private space and within the realm the Global Afrikan Family. The reason why it is a great law is that it speaks to the mental condition, in that it focuses the mind on that which is positive and uplifting, with energy being channeled to what one wants to be and not on what one does not want.

A deeper analysis of the words of the Honourable Garvey leads us to the following questions, which questions I pray and hope we will answer honestly, as individuals and as a people. An honest stock-take, personally and collectively, I will forever emphasise, is one of the imperatives of self development and self advancement.

1 Why have we failed to use what God and nature gave us and made us to be, to our advantage?

2 Why do we find ourselves with what we do not want as against what we want, if we have the genius that we are supposed to have?

3 How are you applying your genius to achieve what you want?

4 What is your relevance in the here and now, to the Global Afrikan Family?

5 What do you want to be?

6 What do you want to see become of the Global Afrikan Family?

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