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Edward, what is wrong with you ?

If this was not so serious and so sensitive, I would have dismissed it as an April Fool's joke.

Now, Edward, I want you to think carefully about the dribble that comes out of your mouth (always engage your brain first).
Here is my response :

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(1) Are yu and your ilk targeting the poor people that have had to flee the atrocities of their home countries ? Think hard before you aswer.
(2) Are you and your ilk targeting the poor people that YOU cannot use for the DRUG TRADE ? The wife of a minister in your father's cabinet is in jail, and you know why. Why did you not speak then ? Let me tell you - your xenophobia or Afro-hatred would have been disguised by the trial.
(3) Are you and your ilk targetting the poor people who cannot afford to chater an aeroplane (and land at a national keypoint) without permision, clearance. This ticking time-bomb you are talking about, Has our country not been compromised enough by your friends that land without clearance, get escorted by official vehicles to a wedding. Not a single customs officials checked them or their cargo or "wedding gifts". We are not stupid, because soon after that, your family friend launched a television news network. That plane was not only carrying wedding presents. These are your father's friends and puppet masters.

(4) So you want foreigners to go. Why don't you say that your cousin Khulubuse and his Aurora needs a fresh supply of slaves in the D.R.C.. I mean slaves that he will not pay like he has done here in South Africa.

(5) Your father is the President ( it has become clear that you have ZERO understanding of the difference between your family and our country). Ask your dad to stop wasting our country's resources and taxes PROSECUTING Donovan Krecjick and George Luca - Deport these foreign murdering bastards. Our African brethren will go back home when they feel like it is safe to go back - which then means drinking tea and sipping whisky with blodied tyrants is not helping your cause or mission (you can raise that at the next family dinner sitting).

# What is this obsession with foreigners in South Africa ? It was not long ago when Ms. Helen Zille, the premier of the western cape province (equivalent to a governer of a state) called the Black people coming from the neighbouring eastern cape foreigners. She (Ms. Helen Zille) being a decendant of the European Settlers - foreigners in our country & foreigners in our continent.

# It is under the watch of your father's government that Black South Africans are being evicted from farms, from houses and from flats in this country and you are blind to see that. Would I be right in saying that your plan is to (i) chase the foreigners (ii) chase the homeless (iii) make enough space for more Guptas ?

Eddie, my bratha, take a chill pill and relax in the FIRE-POOL at home before winter sets in OR before the Khoi and San people decide to chase foreigners away as well.

I cannot say I am disappointed in your utterances, because that would be giving you credit that you do not deserve. You are living proof that GOD does have a sense of humor.
We shall meet on the otjer side of the Limpopo River, tracing back the footsteps of our forefathers one day.

Enough said,

Idiotically yours.


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