AFRO-HATRED - An Open Letter to King Goodwill Zwelithini (of the KwaZulu Kingdom in South Africa)

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imageDear His Majesty, King Goodwill Zwelithini

RE: Your "Foreigners must go home speech You delivered in Pongola.

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Afri-Hatred and Schizophrenic Afrikans

Open Letter to Jacob Zuma regarding afrophobia | black on black violence

Herewith, Your Majesty (with the utmost respect of yourself and the Kingdom you preside over OR rule) would like to appeal and draw your attention to some of the key issues that were missing or not considered during your speech.
Let me draw your attention to the following :

(a) The term "foreigner" in South Africa only refers to African persons. Hence the South African government is spending millions in court cases that involve WHITE crooked foreigners. Radovan Krejcir, George Louca are forever referred to as 'fugitives'. Because of their white skin, they are allowed to open businesses, kill people, afforded expensive and lengthy trials. Your Highness, do you know these people or have you forgotten that they are NOT South African ?

(b) The "foreigners" you have conveniently picked on are fellow Africans, some of whom share ancestral roots with me and you (being of the Nguni Tribe). These Africans are not in South Africa merely but due to unbearable Political and Economical persecutions in their 'home' countries.

(c) It was not long ago when our South African government was advocating for the opening of the borders in the SADC region of Africa. Are we missing the point here, or was the call made for the convenience of the colonialists and their offspring to further rape Africa ? Let me explain what I mean here : Open the borders, create a large game reserve and invite Europeans and their descendants to come and hunt and shoot our game. People must not cross the 'borders' but the hunters and the poor animals must be at the convenience of the white hunters.

(d) Would you then, Your Majesty take responsibility for the potential Afro-phobic violence and attack on our fellow Africans ?

(d) Instead of making such destructive statements,it would be plausible to summon President Zuma and his cabinet, Ask them to explain South Africa's economic involvement in places like the DRC. Why do we have thriving and profitable businesses in countries that have no regard for human rights ? Are we (as a country) now putting Profits before People ?

(e) Our membership of the African Union is worthless if we are going to create these "foreigners" and then in the same breath complain and demand that they should pack their bags and go home. They have no home to go back to because, the likes of MTN and AURORA have destroyed their habitat (in the name of Progress or Investments).

Your Majesty, I am informed that in June 2015, the African Union (AU) will be gathering in Durban (in the heart of your Kingdom). Here is my plea to you, My King - Ask these Heads of States that will be there, Why are their fellow countrymen and women here in South Africa and irritating You.

You can go further, Your Royal Highness, take your issues to the Pan African Parliament in Midrand instead of fueling the hatred of fellow Africans by making irresponsible statements to the media and 'un-educated' masses.
(Before closing let me qualify my use of the term un-educated. I use it to refer to the audiences that have no knowledge of how Africa was balkanised by European colonisers and who created these borders that force me to get a passport, obtain a visa to go and visit my brother across the river. If I were to see a woman I liked across this same river, I now have to involve customs to go and honour my lobola obligations)

Your Highness, let me rest my pen, with the hope that we are now on the same page regarding the issue of foreigners in South Afrika as I heard that if the Koi and San people are successful in their land claim, we will be foreigners and have to pack our bags and go.

I remain, humble

Mthetheleli (A son of the Soil - the African Soil).

Also read : Edward Zuma what is wrong with you? Foreigners must go!

Afri-Hatred and Schizophrenic Afrikans

Open Letter to Jacob Zuma regarding afrophobia | black on black violence


  • Well said my Bratha. My hope and my desire is that His Majesty will reflect on your words and also better appreciate his role and responsibility as the protector of the weak, the down-trodden, the oppressed , the fatherless and the widows as they have not chosen to have such circumstances come upon them.

    May His Majesty be a beacon of light and direction to the nation.
  • Bring back apartheid in South Africa!! Shame on you King :D
  • He even compared foreigners to lice and called all of them to go home. Who saw the full speech? I will post it as soon as I have it with me. It shows how primitive our thinking has become whilst we think we are advancing. Wait till human rights record of SA is tarnished and the sanctions set in. This mighty nation will collapse.
  • Our certain leaders have forgotten what it took to get here as a country.This monstrous behavior will bring curses upon our country. I do not see other races such as Indians,Chinese,Whites attacking each other.what does that say about Africans of color?
    What lesson must our kids learn from this?Stealing,killing,torching fellow human beings....this is noting short of terrorism... why has the President not taken his million rand private jet to reason with both the victims and the perpetrator?
  • The zulu king must be arrested and sentenced charge with incitation to genocide. More then 15 000 000 foreigners live and are actively building south Africa.
    The money that the king receive monthly for his lifestyle is in part produced by the foreigners he is killing.
    The tax paid by the foreigners throught their businesses and daily spending form part of the kings budget .
    If the king can't make a clear political impart on the south African scene , he must be arrested and sentenced charge with incitation genocide .
    I call on the international community to sanction the south African government for grave human rights violations.
    If this issue is not resolve now one day south Africa will enter civil was, black south African against naturalized south Africans.
  • Why king u hate other black Africans same like u ?
  • King must have read this. Once again thanks for this article our brother. It must have reached his ear. I saw it on Eye Witness news Facebook Page
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